Lorri Bodi is a long-time resident of Lake Forest Park.  She raised her family here and is a dedicated supporter of our neighborhoods and schools.  Lorri is looking forward to being your new voice on the City Council as it addresses the pressures of growth, density, traffic, transit and housing. She will listen to the community, not pay consultants to do the listening for her.  She is bringing extensive experience, a stewardship ethic, and fresh perspectives to the Council, as she works for you representing your concerns.

As a Council member, Lorri’s priorities will be grounded in the community’s 2018 Vision Document, the 100-year Legacy Plan, and the Community Forest Management Plan, which outline and define the values of LFP including:

  • Preserve our quality of life and what makes LFP special -- our neighborhoods, our Town Center gathering place, our excellent schools, our green spaces, our streams, and our community businesses.
  • Support balanced growth city-wide not 700-1500 new residential units massed at our Town Center community hub. There are better solutions for growth, affordability, and our small businesses than making Town Center into an urban center.
  • Conserve our green spaces and restore our streams. LFP was founded to serve as a refuge from encroaching urban life.  As we guide and manage future growth, protect trees and green spaces and enhance our streams for fish, wildlife, and clean water.
  • Advocate for transit and traffic mitigation, so that we can walk and cross our streets safely, and minimize “cut through” traffic and overflow parking.
  • Restore transparency and improve opportunities for the City representatives and staff to really listen to and connect with our residents.
  • Make wise use of our financial resources and live within our means.

Experience + Lake Forest Park Values = Better Solutions


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