Meet Lorri

Experience + Lake Forest Park Values = Better Solutions

A Strong Track Record of Experience and Stewardship

Lorri Bodi believes in LFP as a great place to live.  She wants to take on the challenges facing LFP as a City Council member, to give back to the community.  She will bring extensive experience, a stewardship ethic, and fresh perspectives to City-wide issues at a time of change. Lorri has spent her entire career in public service, working with diverse interests and getting things done. As an environmental attorney, a non-profit conservation director, and an executive manager, she has –

  • Managed complex budgets and contracts, solved multi-party disputes, and navigated a myriad of laws and regulations.
  • Brought diverse interests together through communication, collaboration, and negotiation.
  • Built strong partnerships with Northwest Indian tribes, as well as agencies, local governments, and conservation groups.
  • Succeeded in restoring hundreds of miles of streams and protecting hundreds of thousands of acres of land and water for fish and wildlife, in watersheds throughout the Northwest.

Commitment and Connection to Lake Forest Park

Lorri and her husband have lived in LFP for over twenty-five years.  Their two children attended Shoreline public schools and graduated from Shorecrest High School.  Lorri was an active PTA member, securing more money and resources for school programs and students. She --

  • Wrote successful grant applications for school enhancement (such as Artists in the Schools), and for purchase of books and sports equipment.
  • Initiated a PTA-sponsored “Teacher Wish List” at Shorecrest, connecting parent donations with teachers’ needs for classroom materials and resources.

Lorri really cares about the future of LFP.  She has been active in the community, recently reviewing the City’s development plans and objecting to proposals for 700-1500 new housing units at Town Center – numbers that far exceed the City’s existing growth mandates. She has spoken up at Council and Planning Commission meetings on behalf of herself, her neighbors, and the larger community.  She supports reasonable and balanced growth, guided and managed to preserve our quality of life.

It’s Time for Better Solutions

Lorri will work to preserve what makes LFP special -- our neighborhoods, our Town Center gathering place, our excellent schools, our green spaces, our streams, and our community businesses. She wants to be your new voice as the City addresses pressures related to growth, traffic, transit, and housing.  Lorri will listen to the community, not pay consultants to do the listening. She will restore transparency and ensure that the City really connects with its residents. She will make wise use of our financial resources.

Please support Lorri by spreading the word, contributing your time or money, and giving her your vote in November!