Elect Lorri Bodi

for Lake Forest Park City Council Position 2


Greetings neighbors!

I’m excited to let you know I am running for Lake Forest Park City Council Position 2.

Lake Forest Park is special.  We’re privileged to live in a city of neighborhoods, enhanced by our Town Center gathering place, excellent schools, green spaces and streams, and community businesses.  As a long-time resident, I'm concerned that our City faces unprecedented challenges right now – including pressure for growth and density, proposed major changes at Town Center, increased traffic, Sound Transit development, and loss of green space.  It’s no exaggeration to say that what the City Council decides in the next few years will affect our quality of life for decades to come. Yet City processes and proposals lately are rushed and hard to follow, discouraging community input.

That’s why I’m running.  I believe in LFP as a great place to live.  I raised my family here and have been a consistent supporter of our community and schools.  I recently retired from public service, and would like to use my knowledge and experience to give back to LFP.  I want to hear from you and be your new voice on the Council.  Together, we can work through our challenges while preserving our neighborhoods, our community, and our quality of life.

I’ve chosen to run against a twelve-year incumbent who is the “Local Legislative Consultant” for the King County Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).  BOMA’s website describes it as “the most influential professional organization representing commercial real estate.” I believe it is time for a change, to bring new experience, fresh perspectives, and better solutions to our City Council. 

Why vote for me?  I have years of public service and stewardship accomplishments as an environmental attorney, conservation director, and executive manager. I have a strong track record in bringing people together, managing budgets, and getting things done. I know how to listen, really listen, rather than pay consultants to do the listening for me.  I will bring an alternative perspective to City-wide issues by supporting balanced growth, using our financial resources wisely, and conserving our streams and green spaces. 

I look forward to seeing you at neighborhood events and listening to your concerns and suggestions for LFP. I hope you will support me by spreading the word, and contributing your time or money. In November, I ask you to give me your vote!

Experience + Lake Forest Park Values = Better Solutions